About Us

It is thought that there has been a church in Chipping Hill since the earliest days of Christianity in Essex.  The site used to be the centre of the Witham Hundred and there is every indication that it has pre-historic origins. What we are seeking to do is exactly the same as our Christian forebears in the earliest centuries to make the gospel message vivid, exciting and understandable for our present generation, expressing our faith in care for those around us.

We warmly invite you to share in our worship and we hope that you will feel welcomed and encouraged to play your full part in the life of our community. We are at the beginning of an ambitious programme of Christian nurture based on the Emmaus process and we hope that there will be something in it that meets your needs and equips you for discipleship. It maybe however, that what you need is space to be with God.  We endeavour to keep the church open most days and we are glad that a number of people make a point of coming to pray.  We hope that our worship will help you to do that and the clergy are always available to meet with you privately.

Now is an invigorating time to be part of the life of the Witham and Villages Team Ministry.  We are seeing the fruition of a number of schemes and ideas that will enable us to care better for all our parishoners.  If you feel you have a particular need please do let us know and we shall be pleased to try and respond to it. We feel that we have experienced the welcome of Christ and it is our joy to share that welcome with all that come to us. 

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