Weddings at St Nicolas

Congratulations on your engagement! Your next step if you are wishing to get married at St Nicolas is to contact our Parish Administrator, Mrs Fiona Abbott.

If you live in Witham and neither you nor your partner has been divorced, you are entitled to get married at St Nicolas and all that is required is for you to agree a date and time and, when asked, to send a deposit of £50.

If either you or your partner has been divorced, our Parish Administrator will make an appointment for you to see one of the clergy to discuss the situation.  Divorced people can be remarried at St Nicolas in appropriate circumstances but the final decision on this matter lies with the clergy.

If you do not live in Witham, it may still be possible for you to be married in St Nicolas. Please contact our Parish Administrator who will give you further details.

We also offer Services of Thanksgivings for Marriage with Renewal of Vows, and Services of Blessing following a Civil Marriage


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For further information contact our Parish Administrator on 01376 791548 or at