During the week

Mon - Fri                            9.00am                    Morning prayer at St Nicolas Church

Mon - Fri                            4.30pm                   Evening Prayer at St Nicolas Church

Mondays (term time)  10.00am                  Chatterbox

Wednesdays                    10.00am                 Living in Love & Faith Course in the Church Hall

                                              8.00pm                   Living in Love & Faith Course at the Rectory

Thursdays                        10.00am                  Midweek Communion at St Nicolas' Church

Fridays                              10.00am                  Bible Study in the Church Hall

Saturdays                        12.00pm                  Prayer for Ukraine in Church

Sundays                           10.00am                   Holy Communion

                                             3.00pm                     Baptism

                                             6.00pm                     Evensong


Please join us if you can

See Weekly Notices for other services and meetings