MEN'S BREAKFAST The next one will be held on Saturday 13 July from 9am at the White Hart PH, Newland Street, Witham. All welcome. Speak to Will Abbott for more information. 

CONFIRMATION:  Bishop Roger will be coming to St Nicolas Church this Sunday, 14 July, for a Confirmation service which will take place during our main 10am Parish Communion.  If you are thinking about being confirmed, or you would like to renew your confirmation vows, please have a word with a member of the clergy.  We intend to hold a series of Open Evenings for those wishing to find out more about confirmation.

COURSE IN CHRISTIAN STUDIES:  Information about the 2019 CCS is now available, and displayed on the church hall noticeboard.  The course can be taken in small study groups or online, with taster sessions taking place in July.  Many people at St Nicolas Church have taken this course and found that it enriches their understanding of the Christian faith.  Ask Revd Christine for information.

ARCHDEACON OF COLCHESTER:  The new Archdeacon, Ruth, will be presiding at our 8am and 10am services on Sunday 18 August.  She will also be presiding and preaching at our 8am and 10am services on Sunday 22 September.  Do please come along to hear her.