Diary - August 2023

Tuesday1                      9.30-11.30am   Love Where You Live

Wednesday 2               10.00am           Open Door

Thursday 3                   10.00am           Midweek Communion

                                    5.30pm            Wedding Rehearsal

Saturday 5                    1.30pm             Wedding of Annabelle & Martin

Sunday 6                    The Transfiguration of Our Lord

                                    9.30am             All Age Communion

                                    3.00pm            Louie’s Baptism

                                    6.00pm            Choral Evensong

Monday 7                     7.00pm             First Sunday Group Meeting

Tuesday 8                     9.30-11.30am    Love Where You Live

Wednesday 9               10am-3pm         Diocesan MU Day

Thursday 10                 10.00am            Midweek Communion

Sunday 13                  Tenth Sunday after Trinity

                                    9.30am             Parish Communion

                                    3.00pm             Ronnie’s Baptism

                                    6.00pm             Evensong

Tuesday 15                   9.30-11.30am     Love Where You Live  

Wednesday 16              10.00am           Open Door

Thursday 17                 10.00am           Midweek Communion

Sunday 20                  Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

                                    9.30am             Parish Communion

                                    3.00pm             Andrea's Baptism

                                    6.00pm             Evensong         

Tuesday 22                    9.30-11.30am   Love Where You Live

Wednesday 23              10.00am           Open Door     

Thursday 24                 10.00am           Midweek Communion 

Saturday 26                  1.00pm             Wedding of Danny & Courteney


Sunday 27                  Twelfth Sunday after Trinity

                                    9.30am             Parish Communion

                                    3.00pm             Freddie's Baptism

                                    6.00pm             Evensong

Tuesday 29                   9.30-11.30am     Love Where You Live

                                   7.30pm             PCC

Wednesday 30              10.00am           Open Door

                                   1.30-3.30pm      Organ Practice

Thursday 31                 10.00am           Midweek Communion